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Vauxhall’s GT Concept, a future vision

Vauxhall’s GT Concept, a future vision

VAUXHALL has released a video of its GT Concept ahead of its unveil at the Geneva Motor Show that began today.

The video is short on technical details but shows how a car with almost supernatural abilities can access its driver’s dreams.

The stylish setting gives the forward-thinking GT Concept a platform from which its full appeal can be developed, showcasing designer Mark Adams’ philosophy of ‘Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision’.

“The GT Concept will set the trend for further developments of the brand and shows the design philosophy for our future models: expressive, highly emotional and sporty,” said Mark Adams, Vice President, Design Europe.

“The GT Concept also pays homage to Vauxhall and Opel’s interpretations of a light-weight sports car from the mid-sixties which, like the modern-day GT Concept were thoroughly modern with dynamic sculptural forms.”

The car ditches almost every button and dial inside the cockpit in favour of voice controls through Vauxhall’s Human Machine Interface (HMI).

It’s a self-learning system picking up on owners’ respective habits and adapt to the way they use the car – which means automatically choosing the right music, temperature and even route guidance based on the time of day.

Cameras mounted at different angles around the car scan road activity with spoken warnings piped through the stereo when it picks up on any dangers.

There aren’t even any side door mirrors; it uses cameras mounted behind the front wheel arches to show what’s happening behind with video beamed to monitors on the left and right of the driver’s seat.


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