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Updated Golf to debut in Geneva 2016

Updated Golf to debut in Geneva 2016

German paper AutoBild has reported that Volksvagen will debut its updated Golf in Geneva come April 2016. This despite the current debacle where the well known car maker is undergoing legal challenges in the US for the recent revelation of the Dieselgate issue.

It has also revealed that the updated version might sport a new front including sharper lines and angles not seen in it current model. All this is very subjective really, and from our Cars, Bikes & Trucks team, we do hope that whatever changes is being made do not put the group under more pressure than it already is.

Golf has been around for as long as we remember, and has always been a benchmark where sporty hatch backs are concerned. What is expected will be the e-Golf touch system which made its debut in the recently held Consumer Electronics Show. Its engines will likely be the ones recently announced, which are the 1.5l variants that is largely expected for the 2017 models.

Being part of a automotive group that manufactures 6 brands, it is also likely that some components and extras such as the fully digital cluster meters that is used in other makes. We are quite certain, as with most motoring journalists that there will likely be full digital instrument panel in the new version of the Golf.
What is set to remain is the cabin interior and space which really can’t change that drastically.


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