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Uber ups effort to make its services safer

New-Logo-Vertical-DarkAPP-based transportation network and taxi company Uber says it is exploring new methods to verify drivers’ credentials and make its service safer.

It was compelled to act after being hit by a string of controversies, including a case where one of its drivers was recently charged for kidnapping and raping a passenger in Boston.

Uber’s global safety head Phillip Cardenas said told media that the company has begun researching and developing biometrics and voice verification tools for enhanced driver screening.

He said: “Of course, no background check can predict future behaviour and no technology can yet fully prevent bad actions. But our responsibility is to leverage every smart tool at our disposal.”

In the US, Uber runs background checks on court records going back seven years, utilising a multi-state criminal database and via the National Sex Offender Registry, it stated on its website.

The San Francisco-based firm is also creating safety incident response teams to provide round-the-clock support.


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