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Tyre shop owners on the mend

Massive cleanings work in progress at the tyre shop in Kuala Krai, Kelantan

Massive cleanings work in progress at the tyre shop in Kuala Krai, Kelantan

THE floods in Kelantan have come and gone. What remains is the determination to survive and recover.

The sundry goods shops and the clothing/textile shops have their work cut out for them because spoilt food and mud-sodden garments can’t be sold.

But for tyre dealers, they need only to wash their tyres to sell them. Their problem is that the mud and water will have damaged their air compressor, tyre balancing equipment and alignment computer.

“This was my most terrible flood in Kelantan. I have never experienced a five foot flood as it damaged my office and also the tyre equipment,” said Mohd Azhar Derahman, the owner of Perniagaan Tayar Kuang War in Kuala Krai.

Azhar, 47, who bought the business in 2012 from its owner, a Chinese tyre man, retained the company’s name because it was already well established.

He said he lost RM150,000 worth of equipment and cash.

Asked about how he plans to recover, he said that the first thing is to clean up the shop and the tyres so that he can sell them.

“I have already lodged a police report on the losses and filled up the form to get the government’s aid to business operators,” Azhar said.

He said that the 20 ft X 90 ft shop lot needs about RM70,000 to RM80,000 to get his business back to normal.

“I’m using my savings to repair the office and clean up the mess as well as to buy new tyre service equipment to get back in business. I also need to pay my monthly RM1,500 rental.”

According to a tyre company manager, the industry is helping out the affected businesses by being more flexible with credit terms for their good customers.


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