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Tripda student ambassadors promote car pooling

Tripda Campus Ambassadors and their peers in University Tenaga Nasional

Tripda Campus Ambassadors and their peers in University Tenaga Nasional

ONLINE car pooling platform Tripda has appointed university students as ambassadors to advocate the benefits of car pooling to alleviate traffic congestion and car park problems within the campus and the surrounding area.

As Tripda ambassadors, students have taken a pledge to car pool whenever possible and encourage their peers to do so to reduce carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion and save travel cost by sharing out the expenditure.

Tripda Malaysia country manager Victor Ang said: “The overall volume of cars is fast increasing on the road and the numbers are also reflected within university campuses. It is paramount that road users start car pooling to reduce traffic congestion, alleviate car park issues and also reduce carbon footprint to preserve the environment.”

Several campuses in the Klang Valley such as Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, University of Nottingham Malaysia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Universiti Malaya have car park issues with the increasing volume of cars and limited parking space, according to Ang.

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, for example, has a total of 2,500 car park bays with approximately 3,000 vehicles driving in to the campus every day while Universiti Tenaga Nasional has a total of 1,200 car park bays with 1,600 vehicles accessing its campus every day.

With a total of 11 campus ambassadors appointed in Malaysia,Tripda Malaysia helps to start off by instilling car pooling practices among students.

“Once they are accustomed to car pooling, they will continue doing so even after they leave campus and start working,” said Ang.

Tripda Malaysia hopes to double the numbers of ambassadors in the next three months to make car pooling a success among university students.

The Tripda app is available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play.

Users can also access Tripda via its website sign up on Facebook and register to offer a ride or find a ride by entering the date of travel and destination.


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