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The amazing talents of Malaysian Drivers

If there was ever a TV show which highlight the unique talents and abilities of Malaysian drivers, then surely that show will be even funnier that that ‘just for laughs’ prank collection.

Seriously, in the past few weeks alone, we have seen several photos of Malaysian drivers gone mad. Although we would rather not name the individual, there was a viral Facebook post that backfired on the car owner who insisted that he had the right to use a’females only’ car park, when stopped by a security guard on duty asserting the fact that ‘female only’ parking spots were only meant for Single Female drivers.

For those uninitiated, the ‘single female only’ car park emerged locally after a high profile kidnapping incident that resulted in the murder of the female driver in an upmarket shopping centre. Almost immediately after that incident, shopping centers around the city of Kuala Lumpur introduced this category of parking. These days, drivers seems to be more aware of ‘disabled parking’ as well as ‘family parking’ which are basically meant as conveniences to those who shop in this category.

A simple search in Facebook alone will find you groups such as ‘you park & drive like a noob – Malaysia’, set up by those who continuously face arrogant and ignorant drivers as a medium to shame them.

Today is the first time, we at Cars, Bikes & Trucks have seen this.

Naming and shaming - you park like a noob!

Naming and shaming – you park like a noob!

According to the post, shared from another group through the above group page, the driver of the yellow MYVI (pictured above) had just pulled up onto the fuel station, proceeded to park in front of the pump, like most would do, and went off to the cashier to pay for his fuel.
Before he could even get to the cashier, an Audi SUV had pulled right up to the bumper of the MyVI and authorized the pump through a credit card and fueled up ahead of the MyVI.
When confronted, the driver of the Audi, merely pleaded ignorance and arrogantly indicated that there was no’sign’ that indicated that the MyVi had the right of way.

This ‘queue jumping’ isn’t something we are used to at the fuel station and clearly shows the arrogance of such people who should be banned from driving.

Isn’t it obvious enough that these fuel pumps only have one (1) indicated bay in front of the pump? If only Guns were legal, not that we are suggesting that they be shot, but certainly these bullies will think twice about bullying, not knowing who has what. Agreed?


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