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Singapore goes Euro 6 diesel in 2018

Mercedes Actros Euro 6 diesel compliant truck

Mercedes Actros Euro 6 diesel compliant truck

SINGAPORE will adopt the Euro 6 emission standards for diesel vehicles from 2018, the National Environment Agency said in a statement on Tuesday.
Euro 6 is the latest engine emission standards set by the European Union that further cuts nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollutants and fine particulate matter.
The new standard, which has been progressively implemented in other countries, imposes strict rules on tailpipe emission for new vehicles sold in EU member states.
Singapore currently adopts the Euro 5 standard.
The NEA said it has been in consultation with industry partners on the new standard since early this year, the Straits Times reported.
“It was finalised after a thorough assessment with the industry given sufficient lead time to bring in automobiles equipped with advanced emission control technology to meet the emission requirements,” the NEA’s statement said.
Diesel vehicles that meet Japanese emission standards (JPN 2009 and PPNLT) must still meet the new Euro 6 limits.
Singapore will adopt the stricter Euro 6 emission standard for petrol vehicles from Sept 1, 2017.
Singapore’s strictly enforced standards meant Malaysia was forced to introduce Euro 5 rated diesel at selected fuel stations in Johore to allow trucking companies to fill up prior to entering the island.


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