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Simple Safe Steps for Road Safety launched

Simple Safe Steps for Road Safety launched

The awareness of road fatalities from accidents seems to be drummed out from our daily lives and the best way forward is to ensure that the message for safety is constantly reminded. This is the message brought by Prudence Foundation, the charitable arm of Prudential Corporation Asia.

Their SAFE STEPS PSA (Public Service Announcement) Regional Campaign was launched by ambassador of SAFE STEPS Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, FIA President and United Nations Special Envoy Dato’ Seri Jean Todt the Chairman of Prudence Foundation Mr.Donald Kanak and Minister of Transport Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai in the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

The campaign is part of Prudence Foundation CSR programs, which was founded to help in disaster relief. The aim of the foundation is to held educate Children through education of disaster recovery. The number of deaths from natural disasters can reach 45,000 a year but road deaths from accidents are much higher at 700,000 deaths recorded per annum in this region alone.

This PSA is done with collaboration with FIA’s Action for Road Safety, National Geographic Channel, Automobile Association of Malaysia, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety Department (JKJR).
With the launch, a cross media campaign which emphasizes on simple steps to keep safe is streamed on advertisement boards, across all Fox Network channels as well as print media.

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh has committed her personal time to reach out to schoolchildren beginning with those from her hometown, Ipoh. In what she deems as a pandemic, such tragic deaths which can take away breadwinners of families and that ripple effect will affect many lives if safety is continually ignored. Citing a recent forum which she attended, a young graduate claimed that road safety did not affect her because she doesn’t drive. Michelle took it upon herself to drive the simple safe steps for road safety as an ambassador to this campaign after getting an in depth view of the many lives lost to road accidents as a key campaigner in the United Nations Decade for Road Safety Action program.

Explaining that the SAFE STEPS campaign is a CSR program that will run for as long as two years to continue reminding road users of the importance of road safety, Executive Director of Prudence Foundation Marc Fancy also stressed on the effectiveness of education with constant reminders through effective PSAs, will be the strategy of the campaign.

“By raising awareness of the most important risk factors on the road, the SAFE STEPS campaign can help change attitudes and behaviour, and save lives on the road. I encourage everyone to support the campaign and call on governments to take renewed action to meet the new Sustainable Development Goal target to halve global deaths and injuries from road related crashes by 2020. A key priority should be the putting in place of effective road safety legislation and ensuring its enforcement at all levels.” said FIA President and UN Special Envoy Dato’ Seri Jean Todt.

“In past 10 years, motorcyclists have by far been the highest casualties, with a total of 39,744 deaths. Research by the Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research (MIROS) tell us that 80.6% of such accidents were attributed to human error while only 19.4% were the result of road and vehicle conditions,” said Minister of Transport, Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai as he emphasized the importance of corporations working together with the government in creating awareness on road safety.

Other corporations involved in the Malaysian campaign launch include the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), Proton, Bosch, Petronas and Astro.


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