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Shell highlights the importance of fuel management

IMG_5053ROAD transport fleet operators now face stark new realities with the launch of Asean economic community. As a result, commercial fleet managers have an increasingly influential and strategic role in the proactive and effective management of fuel.

“Managers play a crucial role in delivering perception of fuel management as a discipline to fleet drivers,” said Varun Rai, Shell Regional Marketing Manager during Shell Technology Forum held during the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2016 in Manila, Philippines.

Varun stated that the application of telematics has been widely implemented to the commercial fleets in the America and European countries and he is hoping that corporations in Asia could adapt the same practice.

The telematics or the fleet management software could measure real-time data such as percentage of throttle application, brake, fuel usage, travel distance and fuel consumption.

Varun stresses that fleet managers should see the application of telematics as one of a solution in gaining advantage in terms of optimizing operational costs. “It is also necessary that education is given to the fleet drivers and efficient drivers could be rewarded with incentives such as additional holidays.”

IMG_5060Shell Senior Fuel Analyst, Mae Ascan, stated, “By 2050, world population is expected to be nine billion, a whopping 2.5 billion additional to the current figure and 75 percent of the world population will be living in the cities. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote efficient energy consumption and the usage of clean fuel products.”

Mae compared the usage of normal diesel and the Shell FuelSave Diesel using two different types of chocolates, which is a rather fun and interesting way.

IMG_5065The participants in the Shell Technology Forum managed to have a taste of both chocolates, with normal diesel represented by chocolate that have more crumbles, tasted a little bit dirtier and contains more deposits.

Then, another chocolate representing Shell FuelSave Diesel is sampled, and it seems to have a smoother texture, tasted minty and easier to be chewed.

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