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PETRONAS, de Rooy knock Russians over for Dakar win number two

THE PETRONAS-backed de Rooy Iveco team are celebrating their first win since 2012 in the gruelling Dakar Rally that ended recently in Argentina.

Team leader Gerard de Rooy, of the Netherlands, became a two-time Dakar champion, beating Kamaz’s Ayrat Mardeev, of Russia, by 1 hour 15 minutes 27 seconds while Federico Villagra, contesting his first Dakar in trucks, completed the rally podium.


Since the rally moved to Argentina eight years ago, de Rooy and Iveco remain the only non-Kamaz entrants to win the truck category.

The Dutch driver with his green Iveco Powerstar truck powered by PETRONAS Urania engine oil and PETRONAS functional fluids ended the Russian domination by safely finishing the 13th and final stage.

“This is a great achievement for de Rooy and we would like to congratulate him on a very successful win,” Amir Hamzah Azizan, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Lubricants International said.

“The Dakar Rally is a race that tests not just a driver’s driving skills but also the reliability of the trucks to keep going under extreme conditions. We are proud to be technical partners to Iveco and De Rooy.

“This has enabled us to develop superior lubricants and functional fluids in close collaboration with Iveco, a leading global brand in truck and diesel engine manufacturing. This win is a testament of great machine and fluids engineering,” Amir added.


De Rooy (above) said his title sponsor is a “very valuable technical partner”.

“PETRONAS’ formulations, technical expertise, and recommendations have helped us improve our trucks’ performances especially in some very critical conditions. In the extreme driving conditions like the Dakar, the role of a reliable, high-performing engine oil cannot be underestimated and that is what we get with PETRONAS Urania.

“This win proves that PETRONAS is more than just a supplier of superior lubricants and functional fluids – they are the true experts and very relevant to our success.”

The 2016 Dakar win marks the fifth year of the PETRONAS-Iveco-De Rooy partnership. The team secured its first win in 2012.

“Technology is our key differentiator at PETRONAS and we put all our expertise to work developing innovative lubricants.

“This win by the de Rooy team is a great success for Iveco and PETRONAS, and proves that our joint product development efforts are on the right track to help our partners keep going for longer with higher reliability and lower fuel consumption be it on the challenging Dakar race, or during day-to-day transportation needs,” said Eric Holthusen, PETRONAS Lubricants International Group Chief Operations Officer.


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