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Perodua, MB-M, Honda employing NAP effectively – consultant

Perodua Axia ... an EEV under NAP.

Perodua Axia … an EEV under NAP.

PERODUA, Honda and Mercedes-Benz have moved ahead of other Malaysian competitors in effectively employing customised incentives provided in the National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2014, a consultant company says.

Frost and Sullivan principal consultant in Malaysia Animesh Kumar said many industry players had approached the Malaysia Automotive Institute and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to discuss the incentives further.

He said Perodua, Honda and Mercedes-Benz had moved ahead of other rivals significantly in 2014.

“Perodua launched a vendor development programme, a new engine and a component assembly plant as well as introduced the first energy-efficient vehicle (EEV) — Perodua Axia.

“Honda has increased its local content to exceed 70 percent to enable its complete knock down (CKD) models to be sold at very competitive prices.

“Similarly, Mercedes-Benz began a hybrid CKD operation with the launch of S400 Hybrid with many more in store, taking advantage of the NAP,” he told Bernama.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia recently added the ocally built E300 BlueTEC diesel hybrid, which enjoys full duty exemptions under the NAP, to its broad line-up.

Animesh said Great Wall Motors, one of the new players, became the first to hold an EEV car manufacturing licence.

The research house’s Automotive Outlook 2015, released recently, also highlighted Perodua’s plan to invest RM260 million for vendor and dealer development, as well as RM790 million for a new plant capable of producing 100,000 cars a year.

It said Perodua, a volume player within the A-segment market, made further forays by launching EEV Axia to replace the Viva model.

For Honda, the RM382 million investment in a new plan in Pegoh, Melaka this year would enable it to double its production capacity from 40,000 to 100,000 units per annum.

Honda locally assembles EEV models, included City, Jazz and Jazz Hybrid.

For Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, the German’s car maker spent RM100 million to upgrade its plant in Pekan, Pahang for the assembly of its hybrid model — the Mercedes-Benz S400L Hybrid.

The locally assembled Mercedes-Benz S400L gets full duty exemption under the NAP, the research firm said.

The report also said Tan Chong Motors would localise the production of Nissan’s hybrid Serena multi-purpose vehicle, while Mazda would make Malaysia its regional hub for CKD production and export base for key models.


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