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PDRM to utilise Axias as community patrol cars

THE Malaysia Royal Police Department (PDRM) will be utilising four units of the Perodua Axia as community patrol vehicles.

“The four units are the first under the Axia model to be used by the police force in their efforts to keep communities safe,” Perodua president and chief executive Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

“We hope that our contribution will assist our dedicated police officers while on duty.”

PDRM will utilise two units of the Axia as community patrol cars for the Brickfields Police Station and the TTDI Police station each; while the remaining two units will be utilised by AMANITA, a special taskforce created by the police force to fight crime by engaging the community in general and housewives in particular.

PDRM has assigned a female inspector as a “peace lady” to engage communities and housewives to uncover and solve unreported crimes.

The department has been deploying over 670 Perodua vehicles in carrying out their duties in various capacities since 1995.

“The Axia is an ideal patrol car as it is made for easy driving, handling and manoeuvring in high traffic areas,” Aminar said.

In addition, the large boot space can accommodate police equipment with easy access, Aminar added.


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