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Overloading trucks issue: MACC Perak investigates

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(Pic by Shahrim Tamrin/CBT)

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has opened investigation papers into the allegation of mischievous truck operators and illegal sand mining operations in Perak.

An industry source told Cars, Bikes & Trucks that the commission has been actively monitoring the situation for the past few weeks including ‘visiting’ the relevant enforcement agencies in Perak.

“Looks like the MACC are stepping up its effort to gather all evidence and mobilised its personnel to monitor the transport players ‘big wigs’ in the state. Perak Minerals and Geoscience Department senior officers are also being monitored,” said the insider.

The source said in the past four weeks, several trucks were seized by MACC on the suspected illegal modification of the 22 and 26 wheelers to 14 wheelers.

When contacted, Perak MACC director Datuk Nooraziah Abd Manaf has confirmed that the commission was investigating several suspicious dealings in which some of the tipper dumper operators have had the upper hand for quite a while.

She told CBT that it was an arduous task to unearth slick sand operations in view of the ‘ancient grip’ and deep knowledge by the transport operators for many years.

“This is not an easy task. Even my officers movement are being closely monitored by the syndicate until midnight,” said Noorizah.

While implying that she was disappointed with the enforcement agencies in Perak for their failure to take action on the overloading and illegal sand mining operations for quite a while, she said the public has placed high hope with MACC to resolve the long outstanding issues.

“We act based upon complaints. Even MACC has been getting the flak from public when they face dead end to solve their woes with the relevant enforcement agencies, in which many trucks have been endangering the road users and residents along the routes the tipper transporting sands frequently are using.

“We are also deeply concern with this matter since it involves state resources. There’s got to be some kind of enforcement by the relevant agencies especially by the State Land and Mines Department to curb this menace,” said Nooraziah.

However, she declined to reveal the progress of the investigation including exploring the alleged irresponsible act of ‘removing tyres and axles’ to accommodate the 14-tyre ruling by the transport operators.

“We are looking into many angle and not just on the overloading issue,” she said.


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