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Opal Auto Mart and EWP Services merges and rebranded as Opal Warranty


2016 marks a significant milestone for Opal Auto Mart and EWP Services as the two companies now merges to be a single entity, Opal Warranty thus making it the largest extended warranty provider in Malaysia.

Opal Warranty with subject to all relevant authorities approval will be wholly-owned subsidiary of One Auto Group.

“This merger is a godsend for owners of used and reconditioned vehicles. Opal Warranty will be able to provide support services through 200 workshops nationwide,” proclaimed David Lee, the newly appointed CEO of Opal Warranty.

He was also keen to stress that the merger is a win-win situation as the merger means a greater financial stability for car owners and the companies. Car owners will enjoy both convenience and peace of mind.

Dato Billy Goh, managing director of One Auto Group of Companies said, “apart from reaching out further to consumers in Malaysia, we are looking to make Opal Warranty a major player in South-East Asia.

Offering warranties for reconditioned vehicles

Opal Auto Mart is a pioneer in the automotive sector on its own as it first offered warranties for reconditioned (unregistered) vehicles back in 2011.

When asked about how Opal Auto Mart discovered its way into the industry, David Lee says, “in 2010, we can see that many reconditioned cars have no warranty, apart from the warranties offered by dealers for a short period of time. This gave us the idea to become the extended warranty provider for reconditioned vehicles.”

With the merger and combined network of 200 registered workshops nationwide, Opal Warranty will offer reconditioned vehicle owners a hassle-free experience when it comes to mechanical breakdown assistance and coverage.

Opal Warranty has also introduced standardized service package for all workshops, thus offering extra peace of mind for car owners.

Booking for service appointments online

Opal Warranty’s online arm, Cake (short for Cars and Bike) Malaysia will be the largest online portal in Malaysia for booking of your service appointment online. The innovative online service is not only restricted for Opal Warranty customers, but this
ultra-convenient service is open to anyone to book an appointment at any of the 200-plus listed workshops.

There is also a brand new mobile app called Opal SOS where customers can book for service appointment at any of the registered workshops with just a few taps of buttons. Customers may download the Opal SOS app from App Store or Play Store for free.

Opal Warranty as Third Party Administrator

On another note, AmGeneral Insurance Berhad, one of the nation’s largest motor insurer has also appointed Opal Auto Mart as their Third Party Administrator for their Mechanical Breakdown Insurance program for used and reconditioned cars.

The general insurance company strives to provide their customers with peace of mind protection backed by progressive products and services.

According to Derek Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of AmGeneral Insurance Berhad, “we appointed Opal Warranty as the third party administrator for extended warranty provider due to the extensive workshop networks under Opal Warranty.”

Besides that, Albert Lim Jaan Huei, Head of Underwriting Operations Product, Pricing and Underwriting of AmGeneral Insurance Berhad also stated that used or reconditioned car owners who want to purchase extended warranty can do so by sending their vehicles at any of the 200 registered workshops for inspection and checking upon the warranty approval.

“Customers may also buy or switch insurance from manufacturer’s to Opal Warranty,” Albert Lim added.


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