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Now or never for Defender fans


There’s still a chance for Malaysians

The recent announcement by Land Rover regarding the end of the Defender is still being mourned by many around the world. Luckily though, there is still a chance for aspiring Defender fans to own one. If you are interested, we can provide you with two great facts about the current situation of Defenders in Malaysia.

According to our sources, Malaysia have about thirty to fifty units left, and they come either as single or double cab. The other good piece of news is that the Land Rover dealers are now offering special promotions with cut down prices up to RM 15,000 for the iconic british truck.

Many interested parties are scrambling around the world to get one, and the story locally is no different. Although thirty to fifty units sounds a lot, we think that with the special promotions, they will be gone in no time.

So, if you plan to ever have one, now is the time.

Special Edition Defenders

IT has been 67 years since Land Rover graced us with the presence of the ever- popular all purpose Defender, and with all great things, it must end somewhere.

Although JLR have left many Landie fans distraught with this news, there is still hope.

Firstly, JLR will make three limited edition models of the Defender called the Autobiography, Adventure and Heritage.

The £61,845 (RM332,822) Autobiography Edition benefits from a small power hike of 148hp from 120, as well as a full leather interior and two-tone paintwork.The Adventure, on the other hand, is priced at £43,495 (RM234,070) and comes with a set of chunky tyres and underbody protection.Whilst the Heritage Edition, priced at £27,888 (RM149,607), is the most basic and affordable, returning to the Defender’s original past with its “Grasmere Green” hue paint job, special grille and steel wheels.

Eighty Autobiography Editions, 400 Heritages and 600 Adventures will be built.

Is it really going to end like this?

The other announcement made by JLR is that they are looking into continuing the manufacturing of Defenders in a part of the world where there are no European Union regulations governing automotive build standards.There is no confirmation on this as yet, but JLR are saying that they are working hard to make this possibility into a reality. India, Brazil, China or Malaysia, anyone?


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