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New Proton Perdana – Spyshot vs Webshot

By Tony Yew & Amirul Hazmi

The buzz of the new Proton Perdana which is yet to be released is still out there. Countless spy shots are found on the internet, and curiosity it seems, still attracts the cat!

Our editor Yamin Vong and the latest member of the Cars, Bikes & Trucks team, Amirul Hazmi chanced upon the New Proton Perdana still under wraps, when a pair of them were travelling on the North South Highway near Kuala Kangsar. Its obvious that the camouflage wrap of the Perdana is there to hide the lines and obviously as much as it can, but stopping right next to our team isn’t something Proton had planned.

But due to their position in the traffic junction, frontal shots of the Perdana could not be obtained.

You may recall that back in September of 2015, several short video teasers released on youtube of locally produced Malay movie ‘Filem Kapsul’ featured former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir getting into a car, presumably the new Proton Perdana. Since then, spyshots of the car has been circulated and we can tell you now that there are slight changes to the one from the youtube teaser.

Proton Per

Comparing that with the latest spyshot that we got today, we can see that the rear passenger door windows has been worked on, with the panel on vehicle in the teaser video removed. The front and rear fenders are not much different from the 8th Gen Honda Accord. But the C-pillar of the new Perdana seems to have a coupe-like shape, with longer rear windscreen. This gives the car a sportier appearance, with a shorter boot lid.

Rear right side of New Proton Perdana

The camouflage stickers are there for a reason, which is to provide that all important cover for the yet to be released car. But given today’s technology available to the skilled graphic artist, we can add some colour to the car. (do come back for more, as soon as our in-house art maestro Farah completes the task!)

Few obvious notable details are the sharks fin antenna and the rear spoilers on its boot lid. The sharpl angle is pretty steep possibly due to the design required for the ideal airflow in tandem with the shorter angled rear end.

The 2016 Proton Perdana will likely be manufactured at Proton’s Medium Volume Factory in Shah Alam and is set to retain Honda’s R20A3 2.0-litre and K24Z2 2.4-litre i-VTEC powerplants, mated to a five-speed automatic. The car is also expected to debut around the second quarter of this year.

We shall wait and see how the actual production will turn out at the unveiling, apart from their test cars and donor car as well, though we can see that it will only be cosmetics.

The current Proton Perdana version which is a rebadged 8th Gen Accord has been on the road since that tie up but is restricted to usage by government officials only.



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