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Malaysian Endurance Ride to Chiang Mai in 24 Hours


“THE biggest this…, the longest that…, the largest, the heaviest, the lightest, the smallest, the most number of people, etc.” – and a few hundreds of other feats aimed at breaking new records, whether internationally or in Malaysia alone, most of which were achieved with generous sponsorships and large groups of eager volunteers into turning those goals into reality.

Only less than a quarter of those amazing Malaysian feats were achieved via the sheer gut efforts and stamina of the human beings; and when such a notable event comes up, it makes accomplish the effort even more satisfying than the “artificial” ones where big monies play a part.

One such feat is the 24-Hour Motorcycle Ride from Putrajaya to Chiang Mai in Thailand by a group of six riders, covering a distance of 2260 km. Yes, the group planned to reach the city up north within 24 hours of being flagged off outside the Ministry of Youth and Sports building in Putrajaya in the afternoon of December 29, 2014.

Their quest was to earn a mention in the Malaysian Book of Records for achieving the longest ever distance via motorcycles within 24 hours. Using a Kawasaki GTR 14000 sports tourer and accompanied by fellow riders in five Kawasaki Versys 650, the group expected to reach Chiang Mai by 11.45am Malaysian time (10.45am Thailand) on December 30.

The ride, known as the Malaysian Endurance Ride to Chiang Mai in 24 hours, is comprised of team leader Lim Soon Hooi and his five riding mates, Mohd Izam, Macques Ong Chee Weng, Mohd Fadzil, Kugendran Shanmuganathan and Ganeswaran Subramaniam. They were flagged off by the Ministry’s director general Datuk Hatipah Ibrahim and Kawasaki Motors Malaysia’s (KMM) Ahmad Radzi at precisely 12.21:31pm, some 21 minutes later than the originally scheduled time.


Group spokesman Izam told the media they are confident of reaching Chiang Mai within the 24 hours despite the morning downpour that befell the entire Klang Valley and Putrajaya as well as most part of the country.

Main sponsor for the group is Taiping’s Eng Wan Motor while the co-sponsors are Bridgestone, which supplied the Batlax T20 tyres for all the six motorcycles, Alpinestars for the all-weather riding apparel and KMM, which provided a technical support and service crew to join the group for their 24-hour quest.


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