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Local Merc hybrids continue to enjoy exemptions

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has confirmed that current import duty and excise tax exemptions for its S400L Hybrid and E300 BlueTec Hybrid sedans, with president and CEO Dr Claus Weidner stating to the media that MBM “ will continue to invest in this country to support the nation’s aspirations of becoming an Energy- Efficient Vehicle (EEV) hub”.

MBM president and CEO Dr Claus Weidner.


Additional good news for Merc buyers in Malaysia is the announcement that prices for the brand’s passenger cars will not be increased.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Vice President, Passenger Cars Sales and Marketing, Mark Raine, added, “Given the success we have seen with the Mercedes-Benz Hybrids and our quest to contribute towards making Malaysia a hub for EEVs, we are always examining the possibility of expanding our range of vehicles in this country.

“We will not increase the prices across the board at the start of 2016 but will continue to monitor all influencing factors. In the interest of our customers we continue to provide the best product experience and customer services at competitive prices.”

Mercedes-Benz s400 Hybrid ... scarce supply in Malaysia.

Mercedes-Benz s 400 L Hybrid.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has invested over RM 800 million to assemble, distribute and market Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles in Malaysia since setting up shop in 2003.

Other locally-assembled hybrids such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid should no doubt enjoy these same exemptions for the foreseeable future, the CKD Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid expected later this year confirms this much as it would have been unwise for Volvo to invest in the only plant outside of Sweden to assemble it without confidence of competitive pricing.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Price List:


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