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Lexus HS250h Updated With Spindle Grille

Predominantly sold in Japan, the HS250h sits between the IS and GS sedan. Last week, Lexus introduced a new HS250h, featuring Lexus’ new spindle grille, a more rigid body with improve noise insulation and a slightly lower ride height.

For the new HS250h, Lexus has improved the HS250h’s body rigidity with additional spot welding points.

Handling has also been improved with a revised damper setup, which is said to offer a smoother ride, improved driving stability and maneuverability. Ride height has also been lowered by 10 mm.

Along with the new spindle grille that adorns all new Lexus models, there’s also a new front bumper design and LED front fog lamps.

Inside, there is now a greater percentage of eco-friendly, plant derived plastic materials.

Lexus aims to sell 500 units of the HS250h per month in Japan. Prices range between 4.1 million Yen to 5.5 million Yen.

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