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Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix back in August 12-14 2016

Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix back in August 12-14 2016

The lead up to last year’s inaugural Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix was lamented by city folks to be somewhat lacking. The lead up to the event itself had low publicity, and the organisers were scrambling to pull it off with the last week spent fending off bad publicity and getting the track ready. In the end, the event was hailed a success seeing some 400k spectators over the race weekend, as well as the neigh sayers admitting that traffic wasn’t as bad as it was thought to be.

This time around, KL City GP is already listed as a championship round of the Australian V8 series and is set to be another crowd puller as opposed to the demonstration it did for 2015. Cars’ Bikes, & Trucks can confirm that with the V8s set to include the KL City GP as part of its championship, there are also several feeder races including the successful crowd puller of the additional leg of the Super Trofeo GT race.

CBT also understands that this year’s organiser consist of race professionals as well as experienced race event personnel and is set to put into practise what they ought not to do from last year. The 2015 race saw hotels such as The Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental and Hyatt registering 100% occupancy and it is expected that this year will generate the same interest despite the current slowdown in the economic front.

Cars, Bikes & Trucks is also reliably informed that the race organisers are also planning on introducing another ‘first time’ preview of a possible race series making it the second year they are giving a teaser to the public of what is to come for 2017. All indications is that the organisers have changed key personnel and are hell bent on making the Kaula Lumpur City Grand Prix a better one which will be a mark improvement from the previous edition.

Last years event promoter was GT Global Sdn Bhd.


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