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KL Electric Mobility Sdn Bhd to roll out 3,000 charging stations


Tomorrow, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will sign an MOU with KL Electricity Mobility Sdn Bhd to roll out 3,000 electric charging stations within KL city.

It is understood that some RM1.5 billion in investment has been set aside for this task.

A similar project is being undertaken by GreenTech Malaysia and First Energy Networks, who are set to introduce 300 charging stations by end-2015.

Cars Bikes & Trucks was told that both companies are still finding the right locations to set up these stations.

Hence, the question: Why is DBKL working with Masers (the holding company of KL Electricity Mobility) when FEN could use some help from the local council?

CMS Consortium (CMSC) is running the field test of its Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS) electric vehicle (EV) car sharing programme early next year.

There aren’t many electric cars on our roads and with 3,000 stations in the pipeline, is KL Electricity Mobility working with CMSC in any way?


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  1. Checkers Hill Limited

    Masers Energy Malaysia, also a subsidiary of Masers Energy Inc and headed by Dato Siri Suhaimi, is being wound up for non payment and breach of contract under a court order. The winding up hearing is set for 23 January.

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