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RTD Transformation Program aims to get closer to society


By: Amirul Hazmi

ROAD Transport Department (RTD) is implementing cost-reduction initiatives under its transformation programme to help improve the government’s financial state.

“One of the initiatives under RTD’s transformation programme is the implementation of the vehicle entry permit (VEP) in May 2016, in which we hope to fight the cloned cars issue,” said director general of RTD, Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad at the opening of the RTD Putrajaya branch.

He said the RTD with the integration of the Immigration Department’s system will ensure that scrapped cars and those declared total loss would not be used or converted to cloned cars.

“This will save the government a lot of money, as imported cars are supposed to be imposed with certain taxes and duties; therefore tackling the cloned cars issue will help achieve the objective,” he said.

Ismail said that hundreds of million Ringgit are saved each year if they manage to reduce cloned cars from duty-free islands, as there are many cases involving counterfeit affidavits and documents.

In mid-2015, RTD introduced an ownership transfer process using the biometric system and online registration for new cars.

“The implementation of the biometric system for ownership transfer shows that the process is now done with more integrity,” said Ismail.

Online registration for new cars also offers extra convenience for salespersons in which they could reduce their overall operational costs as the registration can be done right from their premises.”

The RTD has initiated many programme to get closer to society such as the Kadet JPJ Sekolah, Jom JPJ and Skuad Muda 1JPJ.


“In 2015, we introduced the Kadet JPJ Sekolah into sixteen pilot schools and we aim to add 200 more in 2016. The uniformed cadet helps to fertilise leaderships as well as awareness on road safety at school level,” said Ismail.

For 2016, the RTD aims to have 215 Jom JPJ programmes nationwide as well as eight carnivals and targeting 500,000 registered Skuad Muda 1JPJ members in addition to 281,000 registered members in 2015.

On the opening of the Putrajaya branch, Ismail said, “We want to reduce the load in the Bandar Baru Bangi branch. By May this year, there will be another RTD branch in Bandar Baru Manjalara to reduce the load in the Wangsa Maju branch.”

Also present during the Putrajaya branch launch was Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

“The transformation is not only done in counters, but also online portals, kiosks, expanding service time as well as increasing our enforcements,” said Liow.

Liow also announced that 2016 is the Ministry of Transport’s Year of Integrity to increase transparency and productivity, as well as being more people-friendly.


On the lori hantu (ghost truck) issue, Liow said the RTD will revise the rules and procedures for the operation of the lori hantu, with all such vehicle required to undergo Puspakom inspection.

“Previously, all traffic offences that have been settled by summon payment will not impose any demerit point on that particular driver, as long as they pay the summon. However, we plan to follow the practice of developed countries where for serious traffic offences, the demerit point cannot be eliminated by summon payment, and drivers who continue to commit serious traffic offences will have their license suspended after certain cummulative demerit points,” said Liow.

In an attempt to get closer to said society, the RTD is welcoming public feedback for the implementation of the Kejara system and Automated Enforcement System (AES).

Those who want to submit suggestions or feedback can log on to the RTD’s online portal, in Sokongan/Bantuan tab at top right of the main page. There will be an email address to submit the suggestion or feedback on AES or Kejara system.


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