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Jaguar Land Rover announces anti-collision technology


Volvo showcased its wearable cycling tech concept which improves safety by connecting both drivers and cyclists by establishing two-way communication between drivers and cyclists at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The technology, which relays information between a Volvo’s cloud and a cyclist’s smartphone app, will detect a bike, signal to the car driver and brakes the car automatically to avoid collisions with the cyclist.

Now, Jaguar Land Rover has jumped on the same bandwagon after announcing a similar technology called the Bike Sense, Hindustan Times reported.

Although it is still being tested, the concept incorporates visual, audio and touch signals to alert drivers to the presence of a two-wheeled vehicle – bikes, motorcycles and scooters.

It functions by having multiple sensors placed on all sides of the car to spot other vehicles and analyse if some of them are bikes.

Initially, the car’s stereo system would give out the sound of a bicycle bell or a motorcycle horn when it detects a potential obstacle. Then, the driver would receive a light tap on the corresponding shoulder from a mechanism built into the driver’s seat.

In a situation where the bikes moves closer to the car, an LED Matrix will then change the color of areas of the window sills, windshield pillars and dashboard nearest to the danger from yellow to red (depending on the level of danger).

Other alerts include a specific beeping sound when there is a bike in the blind spot area or when the driver attempts to open the car door, as well as a vibration on the glass pedal when a switch in trajectory could cause a crash.


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