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Items in your car to help you in a crash


The boy scouts motto has always been ‘Be Prepared,’ at least that was what it used to be back in school.

In a situation after a car crash, chances are the victims will be in shock and this in turn will cause a delay in reaction. A modern car cabin is designed to withstand head on crashes up to a certain speed, which will not affect the structure around the doors to allow them to still be opened.

However, this still depends largely on the angle and force of impact.

We recommend five items you should keep in your car that does not take up much space, but will be useful if ever you need it.


1. Spring-Loaded Glass Breaking tool

GLass break

Especially useful should one ever get caught in a situation when the only escape is through the window. This item is available to be purchased online and is easily stored in the glove compartment to be within reach.



2. Seatbelt cutter

Seatbelt cutter

These easy to use cutters are also sometimes integrated with the spring-loaded glass breaking tool and if budget is an issue, a large sized paper cutter will also come in handy for this situation.



3. Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Not many car drivers keep a fire extinguisher in the car, possibly because of its bulky nature. Having one will be especially useful in case of electrical fires in the car. These days, specially designed smaller extinguishers that still pack substantial dousing power is available from car accessory shops.



4. Survival hammer

Survival hammer

This works pretty much like a glass breaking tool and will be more useful if it is used in a rescue situation rather than an emergency. These hammers will be able to break a windshield too.



5. Torchlight


This one should go without saying. Always keep a bright torchlight, LED ones preferably, in the glove compartment or in the centre console. If possible, store another one with the toolkit in the rear of the car. Accidents can happen any time of the day and the chances of them happening after the sun has set are higher. Keeping a torchlight handy in such a situation will help tremendously.


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