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How ready is your car for that trip?

Car maintenance do not come naturally to users, hence that little car sticker above your driver seat on the windscreen gives you that little reminder to when you need to go your garage to have that much needed oil, air & oil filter, spark plugs, and whatever consumables your car is in need of, changed.

A good technician will also check your car history and do preventive maintenance ahead of that long road trip. Do you know that a water pump that circulates the water required to cool your engine has a manufacturer advisory of a 40,000-60,000km durability(depending on the manufacturer) and the change is recommended before it breaksdown?

But how many of us actually do that?

Puspakom is probably a name that is associated with long queues, perceived by most motorists, largely due to the many commercial vehicles that go through their mandatory checks.

So it will definitely come as a surprise to the individual private owner that voluntary vehicle checks are given a priority when doing a check.

For RM50, Puspakom will give you a virtual green lane bypassing all those commercial vehicles, and through to a technician who will inspect your vehicle, including emissions, brakes, tyres, suspensions and your engine too.

Dato’ Ooi Win Juat, Head of Operations, Liaison & Advisory, pointed out to Cars, Bikes & Trucks, the many different worn out components that are commonly overlooked by both car owners and technicians or mechanics, but was discovered by Puspakom technicians during their checks.

An example of these wear and tear parts includes worn ball joints, steering racks, overused suspensions, worn brake pads and discs, overdue oil change which affects the effectiveness of hydraulic systems and many more.

These in turn affect the handling of the vehicles and in worst case scenarios, cause accidents.

The Chinese New Year complimentary voluntary checks for vehicles by Puspakom may have ended, but safety and care should not be sacrificed in the bigger interest.

If you are preparing for that long road trip, do take heed and head to a trusted vehicle inspector soon.


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