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Honda Spacy, latest AT release from Boon Siew Honda

If space is a premium, than the new Honda Spacy lives up to its name. Designed with an 18-litre XL utility box (U-Box) which fits the all-important helmet as well as a 5.2l fuel tank, the Spacy is the latest upgrade that Boon Siew Honda has made for it’s AT series.
Targeted at moped riders who use it as a short to medium ride transport, the Spacy also has a front compartment that can store a 500ml water bottle. With adjustments to the floors panel and seat height, riding position is suited to the rider to even allow ‘a hook on’ for those small niggly packages that are synonymous to the short trip to the store.

Boon Siew Honda has also ditched those stripy stickers on the body work for a solid colour option with chroming finish. To appeal to those who yearn for those little extras, a magnetic locking system with ‘glowing’ feature is added for those odd night startups.

There are also some safety features, such as the side stand anti start lock which cuts off the engine and prevents ignition, as well as a front brake locking mechanism. The old light bulb has also been ditched for a brighter halogen system for better illumination, along with bigger winkers that are separated from the rear tail light.

Engine 4-Stroke, SOHC Air cooled, Honda V-Matic
Transmission AT (PGM-Fi)
Power output 6.30kw @ 8000rpm
Torque 8.80Nm @ 8500rpm
Capacity 110cc
Fuel consumption Claimed 41.5km, EuroII emissions using ECE40 Mode test
Colour scheme Pearl Metalloid White, Pearl Magellanic Black and Euphoria Red Metallic
Price RM4,999.00 (excluding GST and also insurance)
Warranty period 2 years or 20,000km, whichever comes first


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