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Honda Europe teases “True Adventure” ADV ahead of Dakar rally w/video


Honda’s African Twin ADV motorcycle was the king of the desert as well as adventure, and it won the Paris Dakar rally for four years in a row from 1986 to 1989 before the Japanese company pulled out to concentrate its resources on the premier class of 2-wheel racing, 2-stroke 500cc (prelude to today’s MotoGP 4-stroke).

Fans of ADV bikes loved the African Twin during the time of its reign globally, and while the machine has long been discontinued by Honda, nevertheless, the loyalists are hoping for the company to release a brand new version to relive the memories.

The adrenaline went up several notches early this year when Honda patented the name “African Twin” throughout Europe for exclusive rights, with fans of the original hoping to see a successor to the popular ADV being announced for 2014. However, months passed and there was no sign of the said successor. Even during the Intermot Bike Show held in Cologne, Germany last September was a disappointment to the Honda fans.

But the company did show a prototype of a new ADV motorcycle during the EICMA Show held in Milan although there were no specifications and other details been released to the public and media. The new prototype was dubbed simply as “True Adventure” and did resemble the original African Twin at a glance but Honda did not say when an actual version will be commercialised as well as a possible announcement date.

However, Honda now seems to be warming up to a possible release date though, after posting two teaser videos to its European YouTube channel. The first video shows Honda’s history of participating in the Dakar Rally while the second video depicts various long-distance Honda explorers, some of which riding the reliable Super Cub (kapchai) — all these are important elements to the entire ADV culture.

Below is the first of the teaser video…

And here is the second of the teaser video…


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