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Hitachi invents new autonomous driving technologies


HITACHI Automotive Systems is developing a bunch of new autonomous driving technologies, including a no-hands self-parking function it plans to market in 2016.

The system unveiled last week at the supplier’s proving ground in northern Japan, entail pre-crash braking, advanced adaptive cruise control and vehicle stability control for electric vehicles.

The technology advancement is part of the Hitachi’s push to reposition itself as a top supplier of automotive electronics.

Hitachi chief executive officer Kunihiko Ohnuma said he wanted to transform the company into the ‘emperor’ of electric and hybrid powertrains, Automotive News reported.

The company also wants to integrate its product into systems that carmakers can adopt as a one-size-fits-all package.

The automatic parking system that Hitachi aims to start producing in 2016, combines four fisheye cameras with Hitachi’s power steering and brake controller technology.

The technology is able to parallel and perpendicular park a car without any driver assistance.

The system is also able to detect obstacles moving into its path, such as pedestrians, and stop the car until the course is clear.

Hitachi said the other technologies will be on sale soon but declined to give a detailed time frame.Executives also did not disclose potential customers.

Among the other products is a so-called advanced driver assistance system.

It integrates Hitachi’s windshield-mounted stereo camera, four fisheye cameras, a head-up display and engine, steering and braking actuators.

Combined, the technologies deliver long-distance vehicle detection and automatic pre-crash braking before striking obstacles.


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