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Finally, a pretty face for BMW’s 1-series

BMW's new-look 1 series --- smoother and sleeker

BMW’s new-look 1 series — smoother and sleeker

While BMW is reknowned for producing some of the best driver’s cars on the market today, there are some who feel their products are lagging rivals such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche in modern aesthetics.

BMW certainly produces cars for those who love the handling prowess of Munich’s finest — 50:50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive — but how many are actually bowled over by the current corporate look of the brand in the post-Bangle era from 2001. Chris Bangle was the designer who signed off on the most polarising BMW in terms of looks thus far, the E65 7-series with its universally recognisable “Bangle Butt” rear end.

Certainly, the ghost of Bangle may possibly have penned the current generation of BMW’s 1-series is — with a face that appears hastily put together and a rear end that bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the Volkswagen Polo.

A facelift, or LCI (life cycle impulse) as BMW calls it could not come soon enough for some.

After some artistice reshaping, the latest F20 1-series now has the looks to match its ability it should have had from the very beginning.

The awkward headlights of the previous generation have been reshaped to look more purposeful and sleek while the rear end now sports the trademark BMW L-shaped taillight elements.

The 2015 BMW 1 series facelift will be unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor show with a European market launch slated for two weeks after. Here’s hoping we can find it at local dealerships sooner rather than later.


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