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Ferrari’s new 2+2 no slouch

FERRARI will debut its replacement for the FF series, pulling the covers of the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

The company says the four seater is “a major evolution of the sporting Grand Tourer concept by integrating rear-wheel steering with four-wheel drive for the first time” and offers “class-leading performance, versatility in all driving conditions and sublime elegance”.

The GTC4Lusso’s name references illustrious predecessors, such as the 330 GTC or its 2+2 sister model, the 330 GT – one of late founder Enzo Ferrari’s favourites – and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, which represented a sublime combination of elegance and high performance. The number 4 alludes to the car’s four comfortable seats.


Motivation is provided by a 679hp (8,000rpm)/697Nm (5,750rpm) 65deg V-12 cylinder engine with an exhaust sound tuned to thrill when the hammer goes down.

The Ferrari-patented 4RM Evo four-wheel drive system is integrated with rear-wheel steering for the first time. Slip Side Control incorporates the electronic differential (E-Diff) and the SCM-E dampers.

All these sophisticated vehicle dynamics controls are seamlessly integrated by Ferrari’s proprietary software and enable the driver to effortlessly handle the GTC4Lusso’s extraordinary torque even on snow-covered, wet or low grip roads.

Aerodynamics is improved via a new front grille with integrated air intakes to improve the efficiency of the radiating masses, the air vents on the wing that recall those of the 330 GTC, a roof-mounted rear spoiler and a new triple-fence diffuser.


Penned by Ferrari Design, the GTC4Lusso is a further refinement of the shooting brake coupé, reinterpreting the concept with an extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette — which still offers space enough for passengers in the rear.

Inside, Ferrari’s “Dual Cockpit” enhances the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger, with the latter having their own generous optional display.

Generous wraparound seats guarantee all four occupants exceptional comfort and room, creating the same ambience as a luxurious living space.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso brief technical specification

V12 – 65°, 6262 cc, 679hp at 8,000 rpm, 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm

Maximum speed 335km/h; 0-100 km/h 3.4 sec.

Images: Ferrari


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