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E-Class reveal busted – Merc’s new baby aimed at younger clients

MERCEDES-BENZ’ teaser programme for the 2017 E-Class has been busted and all points to the company aiming the series at younger buyers.

German website this week released all 31 official exterior images of the new model ahead of its global debut at the Detroit motor show in early January.

The photos show the fifth generation E-Class will sport the marque’s latest design form, including a front headlight comprising 84 LED adaptive lights. The aerodynamic properties of the new car have been reduced markedly with a co-efficient of drag believed to have improved from 0.25 on today’s model to a class leading 0.23.

The new model, due to be revealed on January 11, 2016, has grown in size, with length and width extending from the 4880mm and 1855mm of today’s E-class sedan to around 4950mm and 1940mm respectively.

This gives the new E-class with added rear-seat legroom, while the extra width helps to free up shoulder room.

Together with a new mechanical package that includes a platform structure that is said to provide weight savings of up to 100kg over today’s fourth-generation E-Class and newly developed four-cylinder diesel engines offering added economy, the new car also receives a thorough restyle which it hopes will appeal to younger customers.


Mercedes-Benz plans to extend the engine line-up of the new E-class during 2016 with a new-generation of 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel units. The twin turbocharged engine, which will power new E300d and E350d models, shares the same architecture as Mercedes-Benz’s new in-line four-cylinder petrol and diesel powerplants. There will also be a hybrid version.

They are claimed to provide greater efficiency and refinement than the German car maker’s existing V6 oil burner.

The highly-touted replacement will also introduce new technology and safety features, some of which will eclipse technology currently available on the flagship S-Class. They reportedly include vehicle-to-X communication, evasive manoeuvre resistance that identifies pedestrians and helps you steer away from danger, and a newly developed Distronic function that automatically follows the preceeding car at speed of up to 200km/h.

The E-Class will reportedly receive rear seatbelt airbags and an air bladder that pushes front-seat occupants to the middle of the cabin before a side impact.


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