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Datuk Lukman quits Proton

Datuk Lukman leaves Proton Cars Bikes Trucks

Confirmed from the horse’s mouth: Deputy chief executive officer Datuk Lukman Ibrahim has told Cars Bikes & Trucks that he is leaving Proton.

Lukman stated that this is not a case of a contract coming to an end; rather, he has tendered his resignation from the group without elaborating further.

It is understood that he has tendered his resignation with effect from Thursday 25 July, with a mutual understanding that no notice period was required to be served.

He did, however, confirm that there are no immediate plans to join another company, and he plans to “take it easy for a while”.

Datuk Lukman’s resignation comes as a bit of a surprise considering Proton is currently undergoing a major revamp under the management of DRB-Hicom.


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  1. He isWasting time while in Proton. When you feel you cant do the job, just dont accept the offer.

  2. Wise man indeed! Jump ship before sinking!

  3. He should left long time ago…this man actually dont have business minded. He only know how to apple polish….make thing complicated is his expertise. This bastard only good in talking…work wise????stupid than donkey !!!! 99.9% proton’s staff will surely celebrate his resignation. Now he knows who is real friend and enemy….padan muka lu lukman…inilah doa orang2 yg kau dok aniya selama ini…..

  4. Tahniah Lukman, melayu tak berhati perut. Tak menolong bangsa, gila kuasa, tamak haloba dan pentingkan diri sendiri. Warga Proton sangat bersyukur dengan berita ini

  5. He’s back lah idiots. Bodohnyer DRB. DRB-odoh..

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