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Continental Malaysia Introduces C3 – The ContiCasing Warranty

Continental guarantees its latest products by offering an extended casing warranty in Malaysia with C3 – The ContiCasing Warranty, the first tyre manufacture in the country to do so for truck tyre customers.

The C3 warranty asserts that a Continental or General Tire radial truck tyre will last three lives, first as a new tyre and then subsequently over two retread lives, or up to six years when retreaded by Continental or one of its ContiLifeCycle partners.

“There is no better way to stand by our products than to offer our customers this enhanced C3 warranty as a promise of durability and longevity,” said Cameron Wilson, managing director, Continental Tyre Malaysia.

Should the new tyre — which must be 19.5-inches in diameter or greater to qualify currently —  require an adjustment, Continental will provide a concessional replacement. The first retread life of the tyre, which is also the tyre’s second life, will be adjusted on 60 percent of the new tyre price.

The second retread life, which is the tyre’s third life, will be adjusted on 15 percent of the new tyre price. All adjustments will be made by Continental and are subject to the full terms and agreement of the C3 warranty, including that the truck tyres are used for commercial purposes only.

The following are articles from Continental and General Tire that apply for the C3 ContiCasing Warranty:

C3 - The ContiCasing Warranty

The C3 warranty does not apply if the casing displays non-adjustable conditions, details of which are with all authorised dealers, or if the casing failure mode is related to the retreading process.


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