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Oh Toh: Switching to four-wheel drive

I’m typically a car person that likes cornering and good amount of torque. With some lifestyle changes now, I’m considering an SUV or 4-wheel drive vehicle. I’m looking for something with a good amount of torque, good handling, easily maintained, reliable and with sufficient space in the back seat after pushing the driving seat right to the maximum stretch due ... Read More »

Oh Toh: Every dog has its ride

I’m a recently married executive and I have a BMW 5 Series and a Mercedes-Benz 300E. Our daily driver is a Proton Inspira which is a really good drive and so easy to maintain. However, none of these cars can fit our Rottweiler and I’m thinking of getting a station wagon such as a used Subaru Legacy which is now ... Read More »

Oh Toh: Killer Koup

: I have a three year old Kia Forte Koup which I bought second hand and I absolutely love it, but now the new Cerato coupe has come out and I find myself looking at it online almost every day. This is made worse by the fact that I can afford it and a friend of mine is eyeing my ... Read More »

New year, new promotions

THE shrinking value of the Ringgit, increased car prices and the rise in living costs – these are among the cringe-worthy things that are currently affecting Malaysians. In saying so, as we usher into a new year, car companies have begun kicking off sales and promotional campaigns, providing relief to potential car buyers. Edaran Tan Chong Motor is now running ... Read More »

Pricing for Renault cars remains


TC Euro Cars has announced that it will not be raising the prices for Renault cars this year. The current pricing will be maintained across the entire Renault line-up in Malaysia despite the unfavourable foreign exchange that is impacting imported vehicles and components as well as increasing production costs. The locally-assembled Fluence Expression and Dynamique 2-litre four-door sedan variants will ... Read More »

Five diesels under RM100k

BHPetrol (BHP) used to be the only fuel supplier on the block to offer Euro 5 diesel at its stations, a whopping 50 plus locations at last count in Johor, Melaka and the Klang Valley. Much bragging rights to be had for sure, especially with that wide a coverage net. A little over two weeks ago however, Shell joined the ... Read More »

2016 Outlook: Gloom for many, bloom for some


By DEVINDRAN RAMANATHAN WITH the change in consumer behaviour through rising household and motoring expense, the retail aftermarket is poised for a year of increased competition for the share of the customer’s wallet. For many, this is the time to invest in people and technology to serve customers better. If service dealers are not actively working to get better every ... Read More »

New car gone bad – Will Proton make it good again?

It is always a difficult task, trying to establish the facts of the case. Moreover this one affects a 6 month old car that is still under warranty. Faizul loves driving the car, however there are several issues that has been haunting him, and he did not exactly get a firm and positive response from Proton despite sending in his ... Read More »