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What’s the best way for your waste


By Yamin Vong Last Wednesday was a watershed moment in Kuala Lumpur’s waste management system. The waste transfer station that is central to the efficient transport of a daily 2,200 tonnes of municipal waste from Kuala Lumpur to the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill has been refurbished and was handed over to KL City Hall (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur or DBKL) ... Read More »

Big Shoes to fill, Great offer, Careful car care & Uber


By Yamin Vong Big Shoes There are only two passenger car markets in the world where Honda is bigger than Toyota – India and Malaysia. Coincidentally, Yoichiro Ueno, the MD and CEO of Honda Malaysia since January 2011 has been promoted to helm Honda’s India market and he will say his goodbyes to his Malaysian media associates next week. In ... Read More »

Myanmar by kapchai


By Yamin Vong My favorite annual holiday must be value for money and off the beaten track. It should be not more than 10 days so that work is not affected. It must also be a foreign destination that I’ve not visited for a long time so that there are new things to see and learn. If it’s a motorcycle ... Read More »

Black boxes, a blast from the past

By Yamin Vong A LONG time ago, a Transport Minister drew the ire of the industry when he ruled that a kill engine device must be installed on all heavy commercial vehicles. The device would shut down the engine of the commercial vehicle when it exceeded the speed limit by a certain amount. This was a dangerous proposal because it ... Read More »

What’s the charge?

The BMW that crashed into a group of devotees on KL-Seremban Highway. Pix by Saddam Yussof, NST

By Yamin Vong What’s the charge? Remember the BMW car on the highway that crashed into a group of devotees, killing three of them on their journey of penance for Thaipusam? The driver who had sped off from the scene of the crash was identified within 24 hours because the car’s number plate had dropped off at the crash site. ... Read More »

More affodable insurance for auto owners soon


Cheaper motor insurance coming soon? Perhaps for some, definitely not for the crash-prone by Yamin Vong There’s something called “detarification” in the motor insurance industry. Detarification means that Malaysia will dismantle its current structure where the price of insurance premiums is fixed by Bank Negara. In its place, insurance companies will be allowed to set their own prices and ... Read More »

A Busy New Year

By Yamin Vong It took some time but better late than never and that’s my sentiment regarding the bauxite mining in Bukit Goh, Kuantan that ignited a lot of passions. It made plenty of people rich, especially villagers with oil palm small holdings. Suddenly their small plots of land made them millionaires, rich beyond their imagination. Good for them and ... Read More »

Public transport is the big issue for this year and next


By Yamin Vong Our NST Cars, Bikes & Trucks motto is “Home to the mobility community”. In addition to test drives of the latest cars, we’re also fired by efficient transport, whether it’s motoring for pleasure and business or getting to work by bus or motorcycle on a daily basis. As you can imagine, last month’s revamping of greater Kuala ... Read More »

Time for end to highway Russian roulette


TAN Sri Lee Lam Thye is urging SPAD and the other law enforcement agencies to take effective action on overloaded commercial vehicles using the highways. “These authorities concerned have a collective responsibility to ensure road safety along our highways to reduce more fatal accidents and loss of lives,” the chairman of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health said ... Read More »

Disco Sports a superior drive in harsh conditions


By YAMIN VONG EITHER Land Rover truly believes in its products or it thinks that automotive journalists are really good drivers. Perhaps it’s and/or. This was going to be the first time a car test was to be conducted in the dark and extremely cold and unforgiving conditions of Iceland locked in winter. Welcome to the world of Land Rover ... Read More »