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Test Drive: Mazda CX-3 – Style, substance and soul

WE always felt that the compact SUV is the simplest, most headache-proof solution for car buyers who can’t decide if they should settle for a full-size SUV or an MPV. Simply, decision-making means serious business requiring multi-pronged strategy, especially for one who is the head of the family. On one hand, purchasing a large family car means placing a stringent ... Read More »

Test Drive: To the pearl and back in an Alza

This test is as simple as the car it’s about: a typical long-distance evaluation to Penang. What you’re looking at is the most affordable seven-seater available in Malaysia today, the Perodua Alza in base S specification. No leather, no shopping hook, not even ABS. The front seats of the Alza are in the old bench style, great for comfort but ... Read More »

Test Drive: BMW 220i GT — For the BMW fanboy with a family

The 2 GT is a capable performer yet overlooked in the Malaysian motoring scene There are front-wheel drive cars roaming the streets with BMW badges, this everyone knows. The 2 Series Active Tourer was the first, now this 2 Series Gran Tourer, and the next-generation 1 Series will follow. What the market wants the market receives of course, but no ... Read More »

Test Drive: Mazda MX-5 – The answer is still always Miata

Shorter, wider, lower and most importantly, lighter, than its predecessor, the new MX-5 can do no wrong.   Longer, higher, larger, heavier; cars keep packing on the plump with every successor. Sure, larger cars may carry more people cosseted in increased comfort but surely sports cars should be able to outrun this obese objective that manufacturers seem to believe. Unfortunately, ... Read More »

Test Drive: Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription – Oh so Swede

Ostentatious flaunting of wealth and opulence is not the Scandinavian way. Their society ostracises blatant displays of luxury and wealth, forgoing the smug lifestyle for humility and modesty that is ingrained in them from young. Their inventions and creations are a perfect reflection of that notion, relinquishing lavishness for technologically-sound solutions and understated elegance. Ikea pieces are hardly luxurious but ... Read More »

Test Drive: Nissan Navara NP300 – Setting new standards for 2016


By YAMIN VONG THE new Nissan Navara NP300 sets new levels of performance in the twin-cab pick-up sector. Featuring an industry-first seven-speed automatic transmission, it takes the winds out of the sails of those with six-speed autos, not to speak of those still rolling merely with five-speed. That’s not all; it is the first Japanese pick-up with coil springs in ... Read More »