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Thailand’s auto industry starts to recover


By Yamin Vong The Thai automotive industry has begun to recover from last year’s contraction and exports should return to 1.2 million to as much as 1.4 million units this year. “Added up to the domestic sales which we expect to reach 800,000, I’m confident that total car production in Thailand will reach 2.1 million to 2.2 million units this ... Read More »

Scania says well on way to delivering remotely controlled driverless trucks

SWEDISH truck maker Scania says that it is now well-advanced on creating driverless trucks that can negotiate set roads and load/unload remotely. The first practical application of the technology might be the mining industry in Australia. In Europe, Scania’s Astator test vehicles have been developed to the point they can now drive around with an empty driver’s seat on a ... Read More »

Connectivity and self driving technologies must go hand in hand


DRIVERLESS cars continue to garner attention from both the public and media, but a technical forum has been told that unless connectivity infrastructure is developed in parallel, they will not achieve their full potential as production models, writes Ian Porter of GoAuto. Automated vehicles are predicted to offer major advances in safety and significantly reduced road fatalities, but they will ... Read More »

Hyundai’s ix35 fuel cell on the charge for world record attempts


HYUNDAI’S ix35 fuel cell electric vehicle will headline two record attempts by a group of companies as part of Britain’s Hydrogen Week (March 11-18), with a continuous five-day and five-night drive around the M25 outside London. Working together, the partners of the government-backed London Hydrogen Network Expansion project (LHNE) will attempt to set records for the longest journey on one ... Read More »

Scrutineering for record-breaking run

TO ensure that the competition is fair and every team comply to technical and safety regulations, every car competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2016 must undergo technical inspection. The technical inspection area that is located between teams’ paddock area and “fan zone” where visitors may watch all the action on track and involved in interactive activities – consists of various ... Read More »

Car makers counting the cost of VW’s diesel scandal


THANKS a lot, Volkswagen. That is the sarcastic undercurrent at the annual motor show here, as executives survey the damage that Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal has inflicted on the industry — particularly on its plans to keep pace with stricter emissions regulations, writes Jack Ewing of the New York Times. CAR MAKERS saw diesel — which accounts for more than ... Read More »

Pininfarina puts the ‘H’ word in supercars


ITALIAN car design firm Pininfarina has unveiled the high-performance H2 Speed concept which would be the world’s cleanest race track car at the Geneva Motor Show. The machine is said to generate 509 hp and be capable of 300km/h, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in a 3.4 seconds all the while releasing just water vapour into the air. Powered ... Read More »

Rapid advances in electronic, digital tech, leave car makers searching for new strategies


THE rapid advances in technology and digital elctronics is forcing car makers into a quandary. The question is how can they meld traditional practices — earning back investment on expensive tooling, production and distribution, while keeping pace with fast-moving trends and innovation in the digital age? Already, various studies and surveys show that new car buyers, the millenials, are more ... Read More »

Toyota revamp streamlines organisational structure


THE world’s number 1 car maker has announced a comprehensive restructuring in a bid to move focus from a function-based organisation to one that is product-based. “Doing so will enable the dissolution of barriers within the company and eliminate unnecessary coordination work, thus helping to ensure that all team members’ efforts will be leveraged toward the purpose of making ever-better ... Read More »