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Don’t go it alone MMIP, work with SPAD


By Y S CHAN THE majority of the 47,441 buses in the country are insured by the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) as most general insurance companies decline to insure them, particularly those with poor claims records. So it is no suprise that MMIP’s recent announcement to have all its relevant customers install its selected telematics-based insurance product has raised ... Read More »

Relaunch of AES, Kejara: Enough bite to change driving culture?


By Y S CHAN The “Kesalahan Jalan Raya” (Kejara) Demerit Points System was introduced in 1997 and the Automated Enforcement System (AES) in 2011. Both failed miserably but are set for relaunch in March. Their success this time will depend on the changes made as dishing out more of the same will produce the same dismal results. Since 2011, I ... Read More »

Millions of ringgit in fines unpaid as offenders mock the law


BY Y S CHAN GOING by the backlog of unpaid traffic summonses between 2013 and last year, the driving public is mocking the authorities and getting away with it. According to official figures, Kuala Lumpur’s City Hall alone issued more than a million traffic summonses each year between 2013-15. Just 16.9 percent of the summonses were settled in 2013. The ... Read More »

NGV facing slow death; needs policy overhaul


By Y S CHAN THE government’s policy on the use of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) needs an overhaul. Taxi drivers in the Klang Valley who use NGVs say the number of stations offering natural gas is declining and is costing them too much off the road downtime to refill. Having driven taxis from 2000-2010, I can relate to their ... Read More »

Let market forces rule in express bus industry


By Y S CHAN NADICORP Holdings Bhd executive chairman Tan Sri Dr Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh has called on the government to reconsider allowing bus operators to gradually increase bus fares in order to cope with rising costs and maintain service quality. The government had approved a fare increase of 22.6 per cent for express buses in March last year, ... Read More »

SPAD facing stern challenge to bring in “tuk tuks”

Tuk tuks ... is there a place for them in Malaysia?

YS CHAN on Land Transport THE Land Public Transport Commssion’s (SPAD) proposal to introduce motorised three-wheelers into suburban areas has sparked a heated debate. Some are against the idea of adding even more vehicles to the congested urban landscape, others say “tuk tuks”, as they are called in Thailand, is a solution for localised transport, particularly for the elderly and ... Read More »

Disco dancing in the snow

Tip-toeing through  the snow-covered winter landscape of Iceland.

By YAMIN VONG INCLUDING the six hour transit in London’s Heathrow Terminal 1, it took us about 23 hours to get to Reykjavik Keflavik airport, Iceland. We were four Malaysian journalists invited to join the international media test drive of Land Rover’s new Discovery Sports. The Discover Sports is an all-new car. The front until the A-pillar uses some Evoque ... Read More »

Deluged by the Deluded

By Yamin Vong WE’RE familiar with disaster tourists and they are okay if they contribute in cash or kind and don’t obstruct work in progress. In fact we welcome them to observe the relief work being done. They would also not miss the sight of the effect of people who donate irrelevant clothes and the fresh mess created after clothing ... Read More »