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BMW to expand charging stations network

BMW isn’t expected to unveil any new green cars at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show next month, but it is expected to make a significant announcement regarding support services – including charging stations – for electric cars.
In its pre-show press release, BMW announced an expansion of the suite of “Now” support services – ChargeNow, ParkNow, and DriveNow – that it already offers for the i3 electric car.
Some notable new features will include the ability to find new fast-charging stations and ParkNow LongTerm, which sets drivers up with a semi-permanent, charging-equipped parking place.
However, BMW is also expected to announce a blitz of DC fast-charging stations, similar to the efforts undertaken by Nissan and Tesla to build up networks for their respective electric cars.
The i3’s CCS standard is different from the CHAdeMO standard used by the Nissan LEAF, or Tesla’s Supercharger standard, but BMW hasn’t made much of an effort to build stations. BMW North American electric-car chief Jacob Harb said that will change in 2015. He’s told multiple media outlets that the company will make an infrastructure push.


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