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Bike Bits: Ducati’s draXster; Enfield’s Himalayan workout video

AT the moment, they are worlds apart when it comes to the global motyorcycle market.

Ducati have released a video of their blinged-up XDiavel that was a hit at last year’s Milan bike show but Indian bike maker Royal Enfield is beating the drums for its new offering, the Himalayan adventure bike by also releasing a video of the 410cc thumper in action.

Ducati’s is showing its draXter concept – a drag-racing interpretation of the XDiavel at the ongoing Verona show.


The project was developed by the Ducati Design Center’s Advanced Design area, a section dedicated to exploring the future style and design concepts of Ducati motorcycles, the company said.

The draXter is a styling project by the Advanced Design arm of Ducati’s in-house design team, the Ducati Design Centre.

Bling includes the suspension and brakes straight off the Panigale superbike, a giant Termignoni exhaust under the bike the looks like a tusk and new style wheels that mdressed with a mammouth-section slick rear tyre.

The aggressive draXter styling includes binning the headlight, adding a bigger, swooping front mudguard and a more upturned, sharper tail unit.

The number 90 on the side of the Ducati draXter recalls the racing world, yet also pays homage to Ducati’s 90th anniversary, being celebrated this year.

Meanwhile, Royal Enfield’s promo video features Dakar veteran CS Santosh, introduced as “India’s most accomplished off-road racer”.

“The first thing we were trying to look for was if the bike felt at home and if it didn’t feel alien off road. Most of the time you have motorcycles that do well on the street but as soon as you take them off road they don’t seem to fit in.

“But I was surprised because I think it felt natural to be off road as well…

“For the common man it will not be intimidating because the power is there but it’s not going to be aggressive (It’s expected to make around 28hp)”.


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