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Bike Bits: Bosch on bike safety; Ducati goes Hi-Viz;Enfield’s rugged Himalayan debut

GERMAN electronics company Bosch has created a division based in Japan dedicated solely to motorcycles with a focus on developing more and better safety technologies to be implemented in future machines.

Motorcycle safety is becoming one of the leading concerns for both bike makers and the rest of those involved in the industry. Whereas in the past, horsepower or fuel efficiency trumped, the modern era is preoccupied with rider safety more than ever.

Bosch is arguably the biggest name in anti-locking brakes these days, but sees the challenge looming from bike manufactuers such as Honda and Yamaha.

The new department will deal with developments in the two-wheeled industry, and will try to come up with new and refined versions of the existing technologies, to expand ABS brakes to as many motorcycles and scooters as possible.

Add-on electric hub motors and new, smarter ABS systems are on the list

The new division of Boss is said to also be working on some sort of add-on electric hub motor that can be installed in traditional scooters and transform them in electric vehicles.



DUCATI has unveiled their all-new HV-1 Pro helmet, a lid manufactured by Japanese maker Arai and whose graphics have been created by Altro Drudi of Drudi Performance fame.

While loud colors are especially favorable for daytime rides in overcast, rainy weather, reflective panels on the riding gear and even on the helmet are important at night and in other low-light conditions.

With the HV-1 Pro, Ducati hopes to bring the two worlds together. This is the first helmet in the Ducati range that incorporates both high-visibility and reflective paint.

The lid is based on the Arai Vector 11 Pro Tour shell and is made from Super Fiber Laminate, being sturdy and lightweight.

Ducati HV-1 Pro comes with an emergency release system, D-ring fastening, race-inspired ventilation, and includes the Pro Shade external visor.


THE buzz is spreading the India-owned Royal Enfield will unveil its new adventure bike, the Himalayan, next month.

The grapevine indicates that the bike has completed a rigorous testing regime on rally stages in the Himalayas.

Although it’s likely that Royal Enfield will initially concentrate on selling the Himalayan in its domestic market, it could be exported globally depending on its impact.

The bike is expected to powered by a 410cc single-cylinder engine. While its styling could be described as “agricultural”, many will find its down-to-earth back to basices look and engineering appealing especially when stuck in the middle of nowhere.


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