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Benelli Keeway Malaysia appoints first authorised service centre

Benelli Keeway Malaysia appoints first authorised service centre

Benelli Keeway Malaysia (BKM) marked another milestone for its brand when it officially appointed an authorised service centre operated by its dealer, Tenaga Motorcycles Sdn Bhd. Based in Taman Tenaga Cheras, Tenaga Motorcycles has installed two service bays to cater to Benelli and Keeway motorcycles.

Benelli currently has its own service centre in Jalan Ipon, and the appointment of Tenaga Motorcycles is a clear indication the direction BKM is taking to establish itself in this mid-segment superbike market. It is said that BKM intends to open up as many authorised service centre it can to make the brand more accessible.

BKM started back in 2010, when it became the assembler of 200cc motorcycles and ATVs for Qiangjiang Motorcycles with its facilities in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor. Benelli motorcycles was acquired by Qiangjiang back in 2005.
BKM has just recently announced the introduction of the TNT25 in Malaysia, which it aims at the entry market for superbikers. The Benelli Tornado TNT600 remains a very attractive bike with a price tag of just around RM32,000.00, giving those wanting a midsize superbike a very reasonable entry.

BKM’s Senior Manager for Business Development, Communications and External Relations, Wan Najib Wan Daud reiterated the commitment from BKM in providing ample facilities to cater to their growing market. He also added that although the objective is to expand its service network, BKM remains firm that conditions and criteria of these centre must meet the standards BKM has set in order to provide quality service.

Tenaga Motorcycle Manager, Chua Tzy Kian is proud of the collaboration it now has with BKM, and judging from the opening of the centre, Tenaga already has a steady stream of Keeway and Benelli owners waiting to use this facility, this side of the city.


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