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Autocare: Warning lights in disarray

Autocare 28

I own a five-year-old Proton Waja which was fitted with ABS.

The ABS warning lamp has been illuminating quite often of late, going off after a few seconds each.

It is still happening.

At times, the ABS and brake warning lights illuminated at the same time. They only went off when I stopped the engine and restarted it again.

If I continue driving with the two lamps on, will it endanger my driving?

- Idris Abdullah
Reply: If you are afraid that the brakes would suddenly lock up, this is unlikely to happen.

What may happen is that the ABS system is not working properly as one of the wheel sensors may not be working properly and in an emergency, the ABS may not be effective.

By the way, is your brake fluid level correct?

I would suggest that you take the car back to a Proton service centre and get them to check out the ABS because an improperly working ABS is worse than no ABS at all!


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  1. My wifeMivi faced the same poblem, and was ripped off by woksop at damansara upton after being charged rm400 ( reduced to Rm350) after argument, despite my wife insisting no wok being done without a quotation first…the shop claimed did some “wiring” work

  2. just get the ABS sensor cleaned/replaced. common problem for Waja and Exora models (CPS, CFE). May cost you few hundreds.

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