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5 things you can do to safeguard your car

Your car is probably the most expensive item you have that is constantly in a public area, so naturally it will also be accessible to all kinds of people, whether or not they are just passing by your vehicle or in some case decide to do some ‘art’ with it. As in the case of some 20 vehicle owners who had their cars vandalised by a group of men in Cameron Highlands recently.

Here are 5 things you can do to try to safeguard your vehicle;
1. Talking Car Alarms – This may be an annoying accessory to have, but believe us when we tell you it also scare away dogs who pee on your car tyres. Would be intruders who get too close and personal to your car, and of course, that odd one or two who are prepared to cause damage to your most prized possession! ‘Stand Back’ or if you can break into the hard coded device, a crude ‘F&#* Off’ might just do the trick!

2. Blaring horn alarm – Hot wired by sensors, from a management control unit, the blinkers and alarm will sound as soon as someone touches your car, a sure fire way to attract attention, but be sure to park it in an area where it is within earshot. We have definitely come across vehicles with alarms blaring away without a soul in sight to look into it!

3. Park in a visible location – Away from the peering eyes may be good for certain activities, but if you are leaving your car for a few hours, best to have it in a high visibility area. Although this is not a fool proof way to stop it from being vandalised, most crooks would prefer to do their business away from public.

4. Don’t safe that extra dollar – Spend on parking in a secured area, and if you are driving that fancy car, do park with a valet and be sure to tell them that you will only be a while. Not too long though, as Valets too operate with a rule that longer staying customers will be parked further away from the entrance.

5. Take the bus! – Yes!! If you love your car all that much to even leave it alone for a while, take the taxi or the bus, and by the looks of things KL’ites will have the choice of taking the LRT/MRT soon as construction of the 2nd phase of the much needed public transport system comes to a close soon. But really…how many people actually buy a car only to love it too much and not drive it at all???


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